"The Gathering Place" earns its name as a mecca for visitors and business people from East and West. Its popular Waikiki Beach area plays host to the majority of vacationers. However, many other treasures await those who explore beyond the boundaries of Waikiki. Beautiful golf courses, spectacular hiking trails, panoramic vistas, intriguing historical points of interest, museums, and beautiful white sand beaches all abound on the island. Honolulu and famed Pearl Harbor are both located on Oahu.


"The Valley Isle" is a wonderfully diverse blend of beautiful resort areas, bustling industrial activity, pristine beauty, small town charm, lush tropical rainforests, and even a dormant volcano. Maui

has something for everyone: ocean, beach, and air (helicopter) activities in abundance. With Maui's aura of playfulness, you won't be a bystander here

for long!


"The Garden Isle's" reputation of being the most beautiful of the islands most certainly holds true. Sweeping vistas, lush and verdant gardens, state parks, and a canyon rivaling the Grand Canyon for

beauty all await the Kauai visitor. Two lush resort areas cater to the most demanding resort guest, while a number of smaller resort areas provide all one needs to enjoy a spectacular tropical getaway.

Hawaii-The Big Island

Sometimes confused with the state name of Hawaii, the Island of Hawaii is known casually as just "The Big Island". And big it is! Not known for expansive beaches, the Big Island more than makes up for it in other aspects. Home to two active volcanoes, ancient petroglyphs, sweeping ranchlands, rainforests, wonderful deep-sea fishing off its coast, a number of lush resort areas unrivaled in the island chain, and some of the best golf in the world, the Big Island has much to offer.


Hawaii's Most Enticing Island takes you away from all the pressures of the outside world. Its ideal weather, combined with the friendliness of its residents, welcomes the traveler to an array of outdoor activities, Hawaiian culture, championship golf, miles of white sand beaches and plenty of water sports.


"Hawaiian by Nature describes Molokai's more relaxed way of being. A population comprised primarily of locals of native descent, imparts a beauty and richness to the island rivaled only by the beauty the island affords. Molokai encourages outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers to truly get away from it all!

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